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Glavan Group was formed on a new focus that collaboration is the new competition. Great collaborative teams can create the most impressive solutions for owners. Glavan Group develops a team of like-minded individuals with the creativity and design presence best suited for each project solution to complete the owner's vision.



Our Team



Jeff Glavan has over 35 years of experience in architecture, land planning and interior design. Working previously with a development company and with many private sector clients, he has established a firm with a keen asset for managing budget, resources, building efficiency, creative design and space planning with emphasis on costs and smart investment. 

His position requires involvement in all projects: new developments, new construction, major repositioning and renovations. He has participated in all developments for Glavan Group and is involved in negotiation with management contract partners, franchise organizations, third party vendors and equity investors.

Jeff uses his extensive architecture experience to maximize the performance of each project. He demonstrates tremendous entrepreneurial spirit and vision for future growth and carries an intense dedication to motivating associates with an uncompromising work ethic. Jeff is highly competent in all facets of the hospitality industry, driving the company‚Äôs success by utilizing his experience for the benefit of guests, owners and employees.



Crissi received her Bachelors of Science in Design from The Ohio State University. Prior to graduating, Crissi and a team of classmates were invited to participate and be recognized in D'imola: Talent for Tiles, an international design competition held in Milan, Italy. 

She currently holds the title of lead Interior Designer at Glavan Group, overseeing each project from beginning to end. She joined Glavan Group with the thrill of expanding her interior design practice into hospitality. Her previous experience included positions lead by commercial, office, K-12 education, multi-family, and high-end residential design. She has also held responsibilities in conceptual design, architectural detailing, design research and web design. 

Crissi has a strong focus on sustainability and is continuously seeking ways to introduce environmentalism through design. Devoted to excellence in design, Crissi finds inspiration in each new project and client experience. In her working relationships, she upholds the importance of communication, understanding the need for strong interdisciplinary collaboration to achieve a client's vision.



Tony is a licensed Architect of Ohio with over 30 years of professional practice, A previous member of the Construction Specification Institute (CSI), Tony has become one of our industry's most respected practitioners upholding experience in construction documentation, code review, project administration and construction administration.   

He was formerly a resident of Florida where he founded his own construction company, serving as Principal of Anthony J. Frilling Inc. His project management experience includes fields of aviation, high-rise, commercial and medical office, retirement housing, and single and multi-family residencies.

Tony has been associated with Glavan Group for the last six years, administering both shared and independent proposals. His professional practice, experience, and skill set are significant to the development of our projects as great design can only be achieved by how well the information is conveyed to the contractor. Tony is also responsible for the coordination of all other consultants into any project and his contribution to the team has proven our ability of a well-respected set of deliverables. 

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